The Flagship Program of Employer-sponsored Visas

Employer-sponsored visa is a permanent business visa designed by Australian government for Australian enterprises who want to recruit various professionals and skilled workers from overseas. The employer will nominate the applicant and guarantee the latter will work for the former, on condition of which the applicant will acquire a permanent residence visa. Considering the fact that approvals on applications for Australian employer-sponsored class visas have increased on a yearly basis since 2003, it’s easily perceived that Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection attaches much importance to employer-sponsored class visas and that the job market has a huge demand toward immigrants within this class.

On the basis of its gigantic talent resource and with the guarantee of nearly 100 cases every year of successfully applying for employer-sponsored visas, “Mandarin Career” provides Australian employers with an open-ended platform for communication and is committed to creating the one-stop service experience in which you can select the most excellent employees, realize the enterprises’ nomination qualification and increase corporate value.

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