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“Mandarin Career” is the largest platform within Australia which provides career development plans for Chinese-English bilingual talents, and it also becomes the first network platform in Australia that can simultaneously provide comprehensive services like website+ headhunting+ internship in Australian enterprises +occupational training. Since its establishment up to now, “Mandarin Career” has helped hundreds of enterprises recruit talents they needed successfully, locate the target efficiently and precisely and find the most suitable talents in the shortest time with the lowest cost. Meanwhile, “Mandarin Career”, in possession of hundreds of thousands of bi-lingual talent personal clients in Australia, succeeds in providing the most suitable part-time, full-time and intern positions for job seekers across Australia every year.

On the basis of its gigantic talent resource and with the guarantee of no less than 50 cases every year of successfully applying for employer-sponsored visas, the employer-sponsored visa program of “Mandarin Career” provides Australian employers with an open-ended platform for communication and is committed to creating one-stop service experience in which you can select the most excellent employees, realize the enterprises’ nomination qualification and increase corporate value.

Since the launch of the internship program in Australian enterprises, hundreds of students have participated in it. It effectively assists students in quickly enhancing their soft skills in work place in a short time, deepening their understanding of the corporate culture and environment in Australian enterprises, upgrading their business English level and knowledge in specialized field, and helping them easily acquire the precious specialized internship experience of working hand in hand with the elites of Australian enterprises and the high-quality reference letters granted by the enterprises prior to their graduation. All these will increase their comprehensive professionalism and hands-on abilities and finally sharpen their competitive edge as they enter the job market.

The training in specialised lessons of “Mandarin Career” provides the most effective and most pragmatic experiential trainings in specialised skills for numerous job seekers, helps them enhance their know-how in specialized fields and strengthens their expertise and comprehensive qualities rapidly, making it easier for them to face challenges in interviews and work.

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